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Anonymous asked: I feel kind of idiotic asking, but who's Ashton?



[clears throat and shoves everything off desk] let me explain you a thing

ashton irwin is the sun’s gift to mankind. he has dimples on both of his cheeks and his smile is actually the reason the world goes in circles, let’s be real here. look at it

he’s the sweetest person on this earth

his biceps make many a lady parts tingle

he has this weird hat that he likes to wear but we’ve really all grown to love it

he’s so supportive of his friends and family it kind of hurts

and also everyone else in the entire world

he’s seriously a saint

i think we need to look back at his smile for a split second hold on

okay resume: he’s in a band called five seconds of summer

and he’s the drummer

he’s literally the sweetest thing in the world

another pause for ashtons dimples

his hair is literally so perfect






ashton also knows how to defend himself, which is the reason he’s been getting unnecessary and extremely rude hate. but really, how could you hate that?


do u ever wish u weren’t alive just because the human race is intolerable 

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i’m not sure if my body can handle much more of this “getting out of bed” nonsense

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